Interior Detailing


Our interior cleaning, detailing, and restoration services can help you to recapture that new car look and smell and to protect your vehicle’s interior from premature wear and tear that damages its appearance and resale value. Vacuuming and interior shampooing removes dust and ingrained dirt, and treatment of your car’s fabric, vinyl, and leather surfaces restores their luster and guards against cracking and fading. Plus we do the dirty work, such as brilliant wheel cleaning and auto floor mat cleaning, that often gets skipped over when you’re taking your car through the auto wash. We also offer services such as spill and stain removal, and much, much more.



Exterior Detailing


The Oklahoma weather can take a brutal toll on vehicle exteriors. Heat, UV rays, and environmental pollution are invisibly waging war on your car every day. The exterior detailing services provided by Finishline Detail Shop include an array of offensive and defensive weapons that will arm your car against the elements. Through waxing, buffing, swirl and scratch removal, clay bar detailing, tire dressing, and more, we will remove surface contaminants and bring that like-new shine back to your vehicle.


What is Included in a full Detail





Vinyl & Leather Dressing Shampooing
Shampooing Carpets Clay Bar
Shampooing Fabric Seats Polishing
Shampooing Door Panels Waxing
Shampooing Center Console  Full 3 step Buffing process
Steam Clean Floor Mats  Wheel and Undercarriage clean


An automobile detail shop that customizes its services to the needs of its customers: that’s FinishLine Detail in Oklahoma City. For some people, automobile detailing means bringing the commuter car in a couple of times a year for maintenance-level treatment: auto waxing, wheel cleaning, UV protection, exterior trim care, and other services that are a few steps above the basic car wash routine. For those who are passionate about their cars, it means getting a complete auto detail every month or even every week. Then there are customers who are selling or have just purchased a car and need a reconditioning-level detail: clay bar treatment, scratch removal, the works.


What sets Finishline Detail apart is that even though the specific services we provide may vary from one customer to another, what never varies is our level of service. We don’t just offer a thorough auto detail to every customer: we offer a quality auto detail to every customer, every time. That dedication to quality is what’s earned us the repeat business of customers from all across Central Oklahoma and the OKC metro.


Wet sanding


One of our specialties here at Finishline Detail is wet sanding.  From single panels to entire cars.   Many paint finishes have simply not been finished in the correct manner.  Orange peel is the most common finish problem.  Paint has a slightly bumpy surface which keeps the paint from being shiny and deep. Carefully sanding this finish can bring out the shine and give the car a deep mirror-like quality.



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